Change your view on travel and consider a holiday connected to a greater purpose.

These days sustainable travel is becoming the new normal and this mind-set means travellers are searching for ways to holiday in a fulfilling and fun way. More and more travellers are conscious of the environment and want to tread lightly on our planet and give back in a positive way. Morukuru Family De Hoop (Morukuru Ocean House & Morukuru Beach Lodge) is committed to sustainable tourism and part of our purpose is to offer experiences which are meaningful and contribute to protecting our planet.

The World Tourism Organization defines sustainable tourism as “development which meets the needs of present tourists and host regions while protecting and enhancing opportunity for the future. It is envisaged as leading to management of all resources in such a way that economic, social, and aesthetic needs can be fulfilled while maintaining cultural integrity, essential ecological processes, biological diversity, and life support system.” Here’s how we are making a differenceby creating a 5-star luxury experience with limited pressure on the environment and aligning ourselves with these principles.

100% off the grid:

Our electricity is generated entirely by solar panels and hot water and underfloor heating comes from pellet burner boilers. There is a backup generator for emergencies. 

Borehole Water:

For all operational uses we draw water from our natural borehole. 


We use natural gas for all cooking requirements. Gas is the most efficient and cleanest form of non-renewable energy which means less pollution and a reduction in greenhouse gases.

Domestic Water Waste Purification:

We have installed a Biorock system which is a revolutionary biological purification process which uses no electricity resulting in a low-carbon footprint. 

Farm-to-Table food philosophy:

We purchase most of our fresh ingredients from nearby suppliers. The Overberg region is famous for its abundant variety of fresh produce, including free-range lamb, organic cheeses and award-winning local wines. We choose to support local wherever possible creating a connection between consumer and grower and a greater understanding of the the seasons, the land, and the food.

Grow our own:

We have created a herb garden to provide our kitchens with fresh herbs and vegetables which are delicious and incorporated into our menu planning. By growing our own we can minimise the  use of pesticides and transportation which reduces the environmental impact.

Organic amenities:

Our luxury,organic amenity range is bought from the South African company called Rain which is based in nearby Swellendam. Rain creates products with extracts and oils from indigenous plants such as the pods of the giant Baobab and the delicate fynbos of the Cape Floral Kingdom, which are packed with powerful antioxidants. This enterprise creates employment for  local women who use sustainable farming and harvesting methods.

Green housekeeping principles:

All our washing and cleaning requirements are serviced by 100% biodegradable soaps. 

Reduction in single use plastics:

We have replaced all plastic straws with ones made from the waste of the grain harvest and have created reusable Morukuru Family water bottles which will  further cut down on waste. 


Our garbage is sorted along recycling principles - into different material categories and collected in special containers.

The Department Of Tourism South Africa has established a Green Tourism Incentive Programme with the key objective of encouraging privately-owned tourism enterprises to implement responsible tourism practices utilising cleaner and renewable energy sources and the efficient utilisation of water. We look forward to seeing responsible tourism principles being championed for the benefit of both tourism operators and travellers alike.