Exclusive opportunity to track the fastest land animal – the magnificent cheetah!

Morukuru Family Madikwe’s private concession inside Madikwe Game Reserve is adjacent to the Purple Rain Private Game Farm, which is the base for a cheetah re-wilding programme focused on the rehabilitation of cheetah. As a species, the cheetah is listed as “Vulnerable,” but a recent study revealed a significant population decline. Conservationists are now calling for cheetah to be escalated to “Endangered.” Morukuru Family Madikwe and Purple Rain have collaborated so that our guests can now participate in an Exclusive Cheetah Tracking Expedition. The cheetah are part of a re-wilding and release programme, aiming to successfully return captive-born cheetah into the protected wild of South African game reserves and national parks.       Before heading off, guests will receive an informative fact-sheet and a full briefing so that they are prepared for what to look out for on this close to two-hour adventure. Purple Rain and its team of rangers and trackers are specialists in tracking cheetah. They use sophisticated radio/satellite telemetry equipment to find these big cats famous for their breathtaking speed and distinctive spots. The cheetah has a body engineered to race through the bush and can reach speeds of up to 120 kilometres / 74 miles per hour, but during the warmer part of the day, they are generally lethargic and can be found resting in the bush. Depending on circumstances, you might get the chance to leave the vehicle and see the cheetah on foot, and get some up-close-and-personal photographs. It is important to note that although these cheetah are collared and part of a re-wilding programme, they are never-the-less wild animals. This means that they are unpredictable and very occasionally so secretive that even the best tracking gear and most experienced trackers cannot spot them. With its tear-streaked face to its spotted coat, this lanky and athletic big cat is the master of camouflage. When you drive through the 10,000-hectare Purple Rain property, you also get an exclusive opportunity to spot some other animals such as rare antelopes (Southern Roan, Sable and Nyala) and buffalo.