Mastering Meetings with AtholPlace House & Villa

The meetings & events industry has suffered from the coronavirus pandemic alongside every travel-based market. Nevertheless, we are all finding our footing in this strange new time. We are learning what meetings and events will look like, at least in the near future. And while it will be different, we’re happy to say that we have found ways to facilitate a return to in-person meetings.

In 2020, we quickly recognised that the meetings and events landscape had changed in the middle of the pandemic. We responded by transforming the concept of AtholPlace Hotel & Villa to that of AtholPlace House & Villa. This allowed us to create two separate, exclusive-use houses in Johannesburg, both of which continue to be proud members of Relais & Chateaux.


We are ready to safely welcome you to AtholPlace House & Villa, our two exclusive-use properties in Johannesburg. Both can be used separately on an exclusive-use basis for meetings, small conferences, product launches, photoshoots and corporate getaways.

We started navigating this ever-changing meeting, small conference and event landscape in 2020 and have earned some valuable experience along the way. We understand that there’s a high level of bottled-up anticipation to get some face time with each other and enjoy some quality events. However, the desire for connections needs to be balanced with recommended health protocols. So here are our top tips for hosting a meeting or conference during these uncertain times.

We understand this is a difficult time to plan. Our professional and experienced team is here to help.We always, follow guidance issued by local public health authorities. We help your guests follow COVID-19 prevention measures and supply alcohol-based hand sanitiser. Take your event outside and consider hosting your corporate event in the open air. AtholPlace House & Villa both offer outdoor spaces. Think spacious verandas and gardens.

Our indoor spaces are well ventilated - we champion an inside/outside approach and can open all the doors and windows, allowing fresh air circulation.

Prioritise social distancing - our properties are set within a lush, shaded garden - the perfect green space, and our indoor spaces offer plenty of elbow-room.

Hybrid is the new meeting standard, so plan for a combination of in-person and remote guests. Both properties are supported by stable WIFI, and our expert team is on hand to assist with all tech requirements. Our chef is also on hand to create the perfect menu to suit each and every event.

AtholPlace House & Villa is determined to make your event as safe as possible for your guests, and we adhere to all Covid-19 protocols, including:

● Keeping at least a 1.5m distance from others

● Wearing a mask

● Avoiding crowded or poorly ventilated areas

● Covering coughs and sneezes with bent elbow or tissues

● Cleaning hands frequently

AtholPlace House & Villa is ready, open, and we are committed to creating and hosting a memorable meeting experience for you in 2022.