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Morukuru Owner’s House

Madikwe Game Reserve

Exclusive-use two-bedroom private bush house on the Marico River, ideal for couples or a malaria-free family safari. Extended capacity with Morukuru River House next door.

Accommodates 4

Morukuru River House

Madikwe Game Reserve

Exclusive-use three-bedroom private bush house on the Marico River. Perfect for a malaria-free family safari. Extend capacity with Morukuru Owner’s House next door.

Accommodates 64

Morukuru Farm House

Madikwe Game Reserve

Exclusive-use five-bedroom private safari house with sprawling lawns.  Idyllic farmhouse retreat for a malaria-free multi-generational Madikwe family safari.

Accommodates 10

Morukuru Beach Lodge

De Hoop Nature Reserve

Five-bedroom oceanfront beach lodge, ideal for (honeymoon) couples and small families seeking an eco-beach holiday or immersive coastal nature experience.

Accommodates 104

Morukuru Ocean House

De Hoop Nature Reserve

Exclusive-use four-bedroom eco-friendly private ocean house, ideal for an unforgettable multi-generational beach holiday or immersive coastal nature experience.

Accommodates 84

AtholPlace Hotel & Villa


Nine-bedroom boutique hotel plus a four-bedroom private villa located in the peaceful suburb of Atholl, mere heartbeats away from Johannesburg’s vibrant hub, Sandton City.

Accommodates 26

Morukuru Freedom Concept

Morukuru Family’s three exclusive-use houses in Madikwe Game Reserve, Morukuru Ocean House and AtholPlace Villa, respectively in De Hoop Nature Reserve and Johannesburg, each offer the ‘Morukuru Freedom Concept’. Slip away from schedules and instead, do “whatever you want, whenever you want” creating your unique, unforgettable holiday.

Please communicate any special request before you arrive so that we can try to make your visit unforgettable. The Morukuru Family houses in Madikwe and De Hoop with a close-knit staff; a personal Chef and butler, two housekeepers, a host and at Morukuru Family Madikwe, a safari guide and wildlife tracker. Together they create your bespoke, unmatched experience.

Family travel

Morukuru Family, committed to the idea of bespoke family travel, was created by our family, for yours. We warmly welcome grandparents, parents, siblings and children of all ages. Our all-inclusive private safari houses are replete with a team of close-knit hospitality staff and a private game-drive vehicle in Madikwe Game Reserve. Together, they deliver a once-in-a-lifetime safari.

Conservation & Sustainability

Safari with a purpose defines Morukuru Family. Working together with the local communities we educate, mentor and empower the conservation of one of Africa’s greatest wildlife sanctuaries, Madikwe Game Reserve. Morukuru Family De Hoop and Morukuru Family Madikwe operate off-grid, using solar power alone. Combined with intelligent greywater systems, our footprint upon these fragile ecosystems remain as light and sustainable as humanly possible.

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