3rd April is World Party Day! Woohoo!

We love our guests to celebrate, let loose, and live life to the fullest, and “P-Day” is the perfect time to share some fabulous festivities hosted at AtholPlace House & Villa.

As an exclusive-use venue, AtholPlace House & Villa has made its mark on the Johannesburg social scene as the “go-to” venue for special events such as milestone celebrations, bridal and baby showers, product launches, photoshoots, small conferences, corporate getaways and intimate boutique-style weddings.

The House’s large garden, huge patio, and extensive in-door lounge and dining areas are perfect backdrops for any party. With designer decor taking centre stage, these spaces evolve from dream to reality. Long tables are a perennial favourite creating a communal and relaxed atmosphere. The Villa offers hosts and hostesses an intimate ambience, allowing them to sit amongst their friends and family for a personal feel.

The scientific exploration of colour psychology is relatively new, but we do know that colour affects mood, feelings, and behaviour. Colour is a powerful force, and our guests certainly know how to embrace the entire spectrum. AtholPlace House has hosted parties with all colours of the rainbow. Some clients create serene neutral palettes, others go for pops of full-on colour, and some of our younger guests invite their favourite TV characters to their party. The elegance of AtholPlace House & Villa allows any colour scheme to take centre stage - whether it is a formal black-tie event or a casual, fun get-together. Life’s too short for dull - colours speak louder than words, and our team is on hand to assist in making these events and experiences unforgettable.


Some think that Selfies are just a trend. But we know that selfies allow our guests to express their creativity and express themselves. And why not! It’s your party. Most of our events include photo booths, picture stations, custom backdrops, or special areas to take selfies. Apparently, behind every selfie, there are approximately 37 almost identical pictures that just didn’t cut.

Food is a big part of any celebration, and our team, under the careful eye of Head Chef  Vasco, can create menus to suit any taste and theme. Some guests sit down with discuss all the options and create a menu together; others are eager to hear recommendations and approve Vasco’s ideas on the spot. “ Our three-course dining experience is a favourite.with some clients choosing to add additional canapes at the start of the event. We have also been getting requests for special desserts or cakes, depending on the occasion. This gives our pastry chefs the opportunity to showcase their skills” says Vasco.

As the saying goes, a party without cake is just a meeting. So let’s talk cake. Some of our clients work with top event planners to plan and execute their special bash, and these magicians turn to their trusted suppliers to deliver the most glorious gateaux. Others ask our chefs to come up with a tempting treat.  All you need now is a glass of champagne - oh - and an invitation to the next party at AtholPlace House & Villa.