A few of our favourite #MorukuruMoments

Morukuru Family is much more than idyllic properties - it is about family, which is made up of our guests, our founders, our suppliers and our staff. And when we mix all these special elements together - the end result is what we fondly call #MorukuruMoments.

Sitting around a fire in camp is a quintessential safari experience. There's nothing more relaxing, soothing and soul-lifting than relaxing fireside and taking in the night sounds of the bush. There's something mesmerizing about watching flames dance against an evening sky, and some experts say this promotes mindfulness since it engages your senses and keeps you in the moment. Often the simplest things in life are the best! Stokbrood, braaibroodjie, and roosterkoek are all foolproof variations of bread cooked over the coals. We twist a basic bread dough around a skewer and seal the ends with a bit of water. Braai over the coals for a fabulous, charred flavour. Enjoy with lots of butter.

Can you ever get enough fresh ocean air? Morukuru Familly De Hoop has an abundance of the stuff. Just step outside - inhale and get your top-up of mood-boosting oxygen.


An African proverb tells us that Everyone smiles in the same language. Be welcomed to Morukuru Family Madikwe with a warm smile and a cold drink.

From the safety of our game vehicle and under the watchful eye of our professional rangers, guides, and trackers, meet the largest existing land animal. And tick off a Big Five sighting at the same time.   It’s all about breakfast in De Hoop and Madikwe with a Morukuru Family speciality – our breakfast potjie. This is a spin on a full English breakfast - a combination of bacon, pork sausage, tomato, onion and mushroom, with eggs dropped into the middle and sprinkled with cheese. All cooked over open coals in a traditional South African cast iron cooking pot (potjie).

Get your cool on big time! The white sand of the De Hoop dunes is perfect for dune boarding! Try this exhilarating, fast, fun, and super-safe sport. Snowboarding is so last year, and this is the most fun you can have in the sand.

Romance or relaxation? At Morukuru Family Madikwe, you can have both with the ultimate candlelit bath. Under the stars and listening to the soundtrack of the bush elevates the ordinary to the extraordinary.


We are all about family and creating lifelong memories. Our team will make sure you have all you need to spend quality time together doing fun-filled activities. We call this Alfresco bush style. Experience the wonder of sitting in the wide open space of the Madikwe Game Reserve at dusk, watching the stars slowly come out one by one whilst listening to the safari symphony in the background. Now add some candles, a couple of lamps, a beautifully decorated table, exquisite wines, delicious food- and great company, and you have an outdoor dining experience you will never forget!