A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – let’s go!

It’s time for Manpo-Kei, which means 10 000 steps in Japanese. Manpo-Kei was the inspiration behind the invention of the modern pedometer, allowing walkers around the world to track the distance covered.   10 000 steps has become the basic fitness goal for regular exercise. Studies have shown that it can drastically improve health and help prevent conditions like type II diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.   We love walking because it gets us outside and helps us maintain a healthy lifestyle. Whether your aim is 10 000 steps or ten minutes, just get out there and walk! Each of our Morukuru Family properties offers excellent walking opportunities; you can enjoy a Bush Walk, a Marine Walk or an Urban Jungle Walk.     When you find yourself in Johannesburg at AtholPlace House & Villa, you can tie up the laces on walking shoes and explore one of the city’s most beautiful neighbourhoods. Athol is a prestigious Johannesburg suburb with large properties and elegant tree-lined streets. Join the local residents walking their dogs or taking the kids for a bike ride around the quiet, leafy streets. Keen walkers can also get out and explore the city we love and affectionately call Jozi or the Place of Gold. A walking tour is a great way to discover more about Johannesburg’s history and culture, plus you get to enjoy our brilliant Highveld climate and work towards your 10 000 steps. There is a wide selection of organised walking-tours available, including heritage walks, inner-city walks and one of our favourites, an urban nature reserve walk. Head to The Wilds, which is a 16-hectares of koppies, foot trails and natural waterfalls. Since 2013, local artist James Delaney has been spearheading improvements to the park, including opening up the foot trails and hiking paths, maintaining indigenous flora and introducing art crafted from laser-cut steel and painted or powder-coated in bright colours. Look out for owls, bushbabies, monkeys and buck, which decorate the park. A highlight of any walk in The Wilds is seeing glorious red aloes that peak their heads over the koppies in the winter months. These excursions are not too physically challenging, but we recommend comfortable shoes, high factor sunscreen, sun hat, sunglasses, and a water bottle as with any outdoor activity. Head to the bush and unleash your wild side. Get walking in Madikwe with an unforgettable bush adventure. Morukuru Family Madikwe presents a flawless safari experience, including the chance to achieve your steps on a bushwalk. Join our highly experienced guides and trackers and get to grips with the art of tracking - understanding ecological intelligence, including spore identification, recognising animal droppings, listening to mammal and bird calls and even trailing some wild animals. Our younger guests particularly enjoy finding out about smaller creatures like bugs and beetles. One of our highly experienced rangers, Evan Vermeulen says, “A bushwalk is a great extension to any safari holiday. Under the supervision of a trained guide, guests get a different view of Africa. There are opportunities to do some tree-spotting, talk about plants ...see things that might be missed during a game drive. I love pointing out butterflies, bird nests and lizards, and kids genuinely connect with the entire experience.”     Morukuru Ocean House and Morukuru Beach Lodge are situated within the 36 000-ha De Hoop Nature reserve, which is recognised as one of Africa’s primary marine conservancies. Our team at de Hoop can coordinate fynbos and marine walks for you and your family. All you have to do is pack your kit and show up at the meeting point. We recommend a wide-brimmed sunhat, natural-coloured clothing high factor SPF and some comfortable shoes. We love organising walks - there is so much to explore and discover. From the fynbos to the dunes, to the rock-pools, to the actual beach and ocean. There is no firm route or plan as we like to take our cues from each guest party. Some groups want to focus on the fynbos and the over 260 species of birds. Others are just desperate to get onto the beach and explore the rockpools. A general plan is a 3.8km circular route starting in the fynbos and then heading down to the beach, an ideal environment for children with a myriad of creatures to discover. Kids are totally fascinated by creatures - the more creepy and crawly, the better - and easily absorb all the facts and figures. This is edutainment in its purest form, and the outdoors is a perfect classroom for pupils of any age. Our manager Riehan Groenewald who is also a top-notch guide, tells us, “We have had some special sightings like 30 starfish in the one pool. And this week, we spotted three octopi. We don’t have a set plan in terms of what to look out for, as each day is different and presents special opportunities, but you will likely spot a variety of species, including starfish, octopus, mussels, sea cucumber and sea & sand anemone. Oh, and my favourite - hermit crabs.” English writer and social critic Charles Dickens (7 February 1812 – 9 June 1870) said, “Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet.” We can’t argue with the creator of some of the world's best-known fictional characters and the Victorian era’s greatest novelist. Get out. Walk. Achieve your 10 000 steps, and explore our diverse properties.