“A Pilgrim is a Wanderer with a Purpose”

Since the Middle Ages, pilgrims have walked the Camino de Santiago for spiritual growth and enlightenment. Nowadays religious reasons are still a consideration but many choose the Camino as a unique experience, as a personal challenge or simply to take a break from everyday life.  

Morukuru Beach Lodge along with Lekkerwater are offeringour very own “Camino” experience. This walk allows you to survey the coastline in both directions and introduces a mix of terrain including sandy beaches, limestone karst rock platforms, cliffs, tidal pools and fynbos. The walk is mapped out from Lekkerwater Beach Lodge, westwards to Morukuru Beach Lodge. At just under 15 kilometres in duration, the walk will take anywhere between 6 - 8 hours depending on the pace and how many photo stops! The experience is suitable for guests with reasonable fitness.

Setting out early is best - as the cooler morning temperatures allow you to make the most of the varied landscape and you can look forward to secluded beaches at the base of cliffs as well as large tracts of limestone and indigenous lowland fynbos.  

Strap on a light backpack with plenty of drinking water and a lunch-pack (provided), include your swimming costume, reef boots, binoculars and camera and you are good to go. Don’t forget your hat and a good application of high factor sunscreen (throw the bottle in as a precaution and for reapplication). 

You could also get the opportunity to enjoy some whale watching because, during the months from July to November, Southern right whales can be seen all along the coastline including mothers and calves. Spot the sign saying “Whale Watching Stop” which marks one of the premium viewing spots. At low tide, it is possible to head down from here to the lovely sandy beach and wade in the water to explore the rock pools and exposed limestone with sea-lifeclinging to the rocks.      

To get the maximum benefit of the surroundings, you can take regular pauses at the beautiful spots along the way. Explore the rock pools and beaches, look for shells and relax with a refreshing dip in the sea.  

Along the way, there is a dry riverbed, which intersects the beach. Look out for African Black Oystercatchers, which are a “near-threatened bird species! If you are lucky you might also spot some Cape Fur Seals.  

Follow the path along the rugged limestone cliffs through the fynbos where there are plenty of outlook spots and if you are not scared of heights you can approach the edge and look down onto the rocky coves.  

During the ramble, you will come across some interesting sandy cliffs. These are intriguing as they have many holes of varying sizes. Keen birdwatchers will notice Brown-throated Martins popping in and out of these cavities.   

Observant walkers will notice a couple of old houses (one in ruins) as well as the Vaalkrans Hut which is a local landmark.  Follow the path until you come across a “Morukuru Trail” sign which means you are almost home and you can think about a long cool drink next to the pool. 

Since pilgrims started walking The Camino de Santiago, some have chosen to leave their mark by inscribing on pieces of rock or slate. When walking the Camino, if you keep your eyes peeled you can spot some of these wise souvenirs. One of our favourites are the words Listen to your heart and it will show you the way because this is how we feel when thinking about our own Camino experience at Morukuru Family de Hoop.  The Package