Celebrating the Women of our Morukuru Family

The dictionary defines a woman as an “adult female person, a female employee or representative”. Even if that’s technically accurate, we know we are talking about The Problem Solvers, The Fixers, The Doers; The Thinkers, The Attention to Detailers and The Planners. The members of our Morukuru Family who are compassionate, supportive, honest, reliable, creative and kind. The mothers, sisters, daughters and wives who add a touch of feminine sparkle and a whole lot of fierce determination and focus to our Morukuru Family. In celebration of Women’s Day in South Africa (9th August), we spoke to the wonderful women we have working across all our properties about what it means to be a woman, who inspires them and the role women play in the business of hospitality.

Anka – Owner

My advice to all the women out there is to believe in yourselves and be self-confident. Believe in women’s intuition! In the tourism industry I feel women, more than men, have an eye for the beautiful. For the detail. For perfection. And they like to care for the guests. This really is the perfect combination. I hugely admire Liz Biden and the late Liz McGrath for the beautiful collection of hotels they each created.

Melinda - AtholPlace House & Villa

I’m proud to be a woman because women are fighters! We are kind, compassionate and we aren’t afraid to show emotion. Individually we are one drop; together, we are an ocean.

Gloria - AtholPlace House & Villa

I’m inspired by the women who pave the way for others and understand that there is room for all women to succeed.

Jane - AtholPlace House & Villa

My advice to other women is to be yourself and keep on working hard. The woman that has inspired me most is our owner, Anka Zeeman.

Mmasabata - AtholPlace House & Villa

Learn to love, respect and believe in yourself. Be humble; don’t let others take advantage of you and strive for success.

Beauty- AtholPlace House & Villa

I’m proud to be a woman because I play an important role in my family.

Ilse - Madikwe

Women can be very self-critical and overthink and overanalyse themselves. My advice is YOU are enough!

Tamzin - Madikwe

In the tourism industry, women bring a softer, more nurturing side to hospitality. Whether with guests or staff, women can be firm but are also compassionate and gentle. A woman also has a good eye for the finer details.

Anne-Marie - Madikwe

There is no such thing as the perfect woman; we are all unique! But we are strong and worthy.

Esmaralda - Madikwe

My mother is my daily inspiration to be a better person. Her ability to put other people’s needs before hers is so inspiring. She believes in people when they don’t believe in themselves.

Rose - Madikwe

Women are a big part of the tourism industry. We know and understand the importance of our jobs. But, I think our beautiful smiles take our hospitality to another level.

Amy - Madikwe

I am proud to be a woman because women are clever, professional & strong. We have many challenges - but that just makes us stronger. Maya Angelou is an important inspiration to me. I love these words of hers “live as though life was created for you.”

Suti - Madikwe

The Hospitality industry employs many women. We represent more than half of the workforce, from Kitchen, Housekeeping, and front of house duties. But it is rare to see a female in senior, decision making or CEO positions. Women should be encouraged and supported to take on these leadership roles.

Fortunate - Madikwe

Women don’t have to be so worried about what others think of us, and we don’t have to determine our path based on what we think others expect. The women of the Morukuru Family are truly inspiring! In particular, I look up to Anka, her passion for making a difference in the world is unbelievable.

Siphilisiwe - De Hoop

Women play an enormous role in the hospitality and tourism industry - we rise to the challenge of keeping guests happy.

Bongi - De Hoop

I am not just a woman; I am a mother, a survivor, a warrior and a leader. I am forged through the challenges of life that make me grow mentally & emotionally.

Norma-Jean –De Hoop

Achievement comes in many different forms. Women can choose their own definition of success.

Melanie - Reservations Team

“Never give up; great things take time.” Women are excellent planners and great at multi-tasking.

Michelle Anderson - Reservations Team

Keep your head up; otherwise, your crown might slip off. Women understand what a family needs when on holiday, away from the daily comforts of their home. Therefore, a woman will always ensure that each family member has the best experience when on holiday.

Here’s to strong women: May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.” (Unknown) Happy Women’s Day from us all!