Empowered tourism offers the chance to support wildlife conservation and social enterprise

If you are looking for an incredible adventure as well as the chance to make a real impact, then a luxury safari holiday offering wildlife conservation and interaction with local communities should be on your bucket list. Edward Abbey, the American environmental advocate and author said: “sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul”. In response to guests expressing similar views, the owners of Morukuru Family established the Morukuru Goodwill Foundation (MGWF) back in 2007. The aim of the MGWF is to support conservation in the malaria-free Madikwe Game Reserve, as well as spearhead various community initiatives in the adjacent Molatedi village. We’ve christened our commitment to both these strategies Safari with a purpose. This offers guests an opportunity tosupport a team of conservation professionals, to get up close to endangered animals as well as the chance to learn and develop new skills. MGWF is specifically interested in rhino conservation but also assists with various other conservation efforts such as elephant collaring, cheetah collaring, lion collaring/contraception and rhino notching/chipping. Echoing Abbey’s words, MGWF also facilitates schemes which focus on giving back to local communities, by way of social investment. Many groups visiting Morukuru Family are made up of multi-generational parties and frequent requests related to assistance for the local village were noted. This generosity on behalf of our guests is channelled via the MGWF meaning donations in cash or kind are put to the best use. A very popular project is the ongoing support of the Molatedi school which has received great assistance over the years. Guests are very creative in their proposals, offering cash, school equipment and even horticultural supplies, for the creation of a sustainable kitchen garden. Morukuru often takes guests on visits to Molatedi school where the impact of social investment is enjoyed by all parties. Recently the MGWF sponsored the flight and use of the plane for the translocation of 3 young male lions from Addo to Madikwe.  The reason for the translocation is to strengthen and diversify the gene pool in Madikwe. Thanks to Deon Kruger, Execujet Pilot for capturing the event. Click here to watch video.