Enjoy every sunset – Look forward to every sunrise

We know there are no guarantees in life, but one thing that is certain every day is the rising and setting sun. Twice a day the African sky puts on a spectacular show. We count ourselves fortunate because we get to witness and be spellbound by the beautiful show of colour spreading across our horizons in De Hoop Nature Reserve, Madikwe and even in Johannesburg.

Dance When The Sun Comes Up.

A beautiful sunrise symbolises hope, renewal, rebirth, and Mother Nature at her finest. A source of continuous fascination. We often describe our African sunrise as “striking, bold, glorious, or spectacular”.

Rising To The Occasion.

But do you know the scientific reason for the beauty of the rising sun? At dawn, when the sun is low on the horizon, light has to travel through a higher concentration of the atmosphere. This means the colours with shorter wavelengths such as blue, indigo, and violet are scattered out by the atmosphere. The colours with long wavelengths such as red, orange, and yellow remain, transforming the sky with vivid colours. It might seem that the clouds are changing colour during sunrise, but it is the reflecting of the unscathed and longer-wavelength rays of light as the sun rises that creates this effect.

Just Another Day In Africa You can watch a sunset at one of our properties and believe you have witnessed the hand of God. With horizons that seem to stretch out forever and a breathtaking kaleidoscope of colours emerging to kiss the sky. The dramatic wilderness, the changing landscape, and amazing wildlife only add to its magic and charm.

Let’s Go Somewhere The Sun Kisses The Ocean.

Whether the natural light show is the background to hectares of wilderness, the limitless ocean, the never-ending fynbos, the African sky never disappoints at sundown. All that’s left to do is reach for your sundowner and enjoy nature’s painting of bold, vibrant, burning strokes and think of tomorrow’s sunrise out on safari with coffee and our famous homemade rusks.

"No day goes without the moon, and no day goes without sunrise and sunset" -  African Proverb