Exclusive Use – the new way to travel

Have you spent lockdown plotting your next great escape, and now you are ready to embark on a long-dreamed-about adventure?  Morukuru Family is ready to welcome you!

Travel and the business of holidays is a constantly evolving industry, and we keep up to date with all the news and trends affecting our guests.  Since lockdown, we have seen three distinct vacation ideas coming to the fore. First, many people have embraced a more active, outdoor lifestyle and want to keep that up when on holiday. Second, exclusive-use villas are in vogue, with guests increasingly demanding seclusion and privacy on holiday. Finally, “slow travel” is showing up on our radar. The concept of “slow travel” is that guests choose longer trips to remote or ‘far flung’ destinations, where they can enjoy lots of space and nature. Morukuru Family has gained a reputation as the specialist for exclusive use stays in South Africa. We are proud to have pioneered this concept in South Africa and our ‘Morukuru Freedom Concept’, allowing guests to do “whatever they want, whenever they want”. The Morukuru Family philosophy is high-end exclusive use experience for guests underpinned by flexibility. We know that families and groups of friends want to enjoy an intimate and inclusive home-away-from-home experience. Guests are looking for space, privacy, security and convenience, coupled with quality assurance, a guarantee of luxury, and peace of mind. Exclusive use properties have rocketed in popularity because travellers want to holiday in a place they can call their own, and multigenerational families or groups of friends are looking for somewhere to reconnect with loved ones they haven’t seen for far too long.   In Johannesburg, we have two separate exclusive-use houses, namely AtholPlace House & Villa. If you are stopping over en-route to another destination at the coast or bush AtholPlace House is ideal for multi-generational families and also offers a bar and lounge area and outdoor and indoor dining spaces. AtholPlace Villa is a 4-bedroom exclusive-use villa accommodating eight guests and offering a private garden and swimming pool and indoor and outdoor dining spaces. Moving to the Southern Cape and the De Hoop Nature Reserve, you will discover Morukuru Ocean House. At Morukuru Ocean House, you have the luxury property all to yourself; the house and location are unique, the house is packed with facilities, and there are loads of activities. The magic of this type of holiday is that you can choose your perfect escape and everything is prepared for your individual needs and likes. The house comes with its close-knit staff, including a personal chef and butler, two housekeepers, host and together, they create a holiday experience unlike anything ever experienced before. A recent guest at Morukuru Ocean House had this to say about her stay, “the reason I loved Morukuru Ocean House so much was that it felt so remote – a genuine escape from everything. Ocean House ticked all my boxes - it is exclusive-use, it is in the vast De Hoop Nature Reserve, and it has plenty of stuff for all of us to enjoy.  We spent our days exploring rock pools, going barefoot in the sand, spotting ostrich, zebra and baboons in the fynbos from the 4 x 4 vehicle and our every whim, need and desire being attended to by the fabulous team of staff!”  We are officially safari addicts! If you are after a safari experience, booking an exclusive-use property is a great idea. Morukuru Family Madikwe is extremely popular with groups of family and friends, as everyone gets their own space and privacy, which is perfect for individual expectations and routines. Morukuru Family Madikwe offers three individual bush properties; Farm House, Owner’s House and River House. These options are all exclusive-use and offer a dedicated general staff and specialised personnel like a private chef, knowledgeable bushranger and even a butler. Coupled with our unique Freedom Concept (no set agendas) and unparalleled wildlife sightings, we can customise each day to satisfy the interests and abilities of the whole group. A guest had this to say about their stay, “Thank you for making every day an adventure. We all so loved our stay. My elderly parents, our tweens and the baby of our group had the best holiday ever. The highlight for all of us was the bush dinner your team put together and our twice-daily 4 x 4 outings, where we enjoyed so many exciting sightings. The pandemic has made us all reconsider what we value in life - and on this trip, we got to reconnect with each other and nature.” We can’t say it any better, but we can say Morukuru Family is ready to welcome you!