Healing hands, compassionate heart & intuitive mind.

Meet Amy Thebyane our dedicated Spa Therapist who is changing lives one treatment at a time. Morukuru Family Madikwe is the place to rejuvenate body, soul and mind, and any trip should include a pamper session to add to your safari experience. How do you start your day? Every day is different but getting to watch an amazing African sunrise puts me in the right frame of mind and from there on it is positive vibes all the way.

What is your favourite part of your job?  I really enjoy meeting new guests and introducing myself. Guests’ reactions are always a WOW!

What is the most popular treatment on your menu?  Massage therapy is the original mood enhancer and our 60 Minute Body Massage wins that award. Our Spa only uses Africology products which are organic, natural, vegan, cruelty-free and handmade. These ethically-formulated products add another dimension of excellence to our Spa experience.

Booking a treatment at the spa is a way to relax on holiday - how do you relax? Living and working in the African bush makes for a relaxing lifestyle. Where else is the daily soundtrack the gentle river, bird calls, wild animals in the distance and pure peace and quiet? I do also enjoy listening to soothing music when I get a chance.

In your opinion what is the top benefit of a massage treatment? Relaxation is the number one benefit. But I encourage my guests to focus on this time to restore, release and renew. Let all the tension and stress fade away. And start your Morukuru journey towards balance.

Getting a spa treatment can increase relaxation what other activities at Morukuru can you recommend for guests - especially those looking for rejuvenation? Morukuru has so much to offer. Gentle exercise is one of my recommendations and going for a walk in the Safe Area at Morukuru Farm House is an excellent option. Here you are totally immersed in nature - and can relax knowing that it is fenced off.

Regular use of spas has been credited with improving the quality of sleep - share some feedback from guests - on how a treatment from you helped them unwind. My motto is: Touch the body. Heal the mind. Calm the Spirit. Quite a few guests have told me that I have taken them to heaven and back with my massage which is high praise indeed. Regular massage helps people feel healthier and happier.

Every guest’s needs are different - do you have any tricks for understanding your guests and recommending appropriate treatments? When I was completing my training one of my instructors told me that massage therapists listen with their hands and hearts. These words inspire me to deliver the best treatments every time. My trick is that I let the guest have a look at the menu, ask them what they want from the treatment. Then let them choose and I will recommend an addition to make the experience even better.

Tell us how guests can keep feeling relaxed long after their treatment? Staying hydrated is very important. Especially in the hot months here in the bush. So drinking plenty of water before and after a massage & heat therapy. I also encourage guests to listen to their bodies for wisdom and try practising some mindfulness.

Living in the bush means you get to experience safari life every day - tell us about a couple of your most memorable bush experience to date - animal sighting/adventure etc? Living and working in the bush is a dream! Every day brings new unexpected adventure - but watching elephants swimming in the river and hippo passing by the spa while busy with a treatment is always a highlight.

African sunrises and sunsets are phenomenal and often a highlight for guests - which part of the day do you prefer - the early morning (sunrise) or evening (sunset)? I love a fiery Sunset. Nothing beats watching the sun dip under the western horizon.