Making a difference together on safari in the Madikwe Game Reserve

Sustainability and minimal environmental impact are deeply embedded into every aspect of our operations and our guest experiences at Morukuru Family. If, as a traveller, you hope to reduce your environmental footprint and seek a sense of purpose, we can assure you of a low impact stay while enjoying the luxury and adventure you expect from our brand, properties, and unique locations. Our actions on the ground... At all our exclusive-use properties in Madikwe Game Reserve, we operate off-grid using 100% solar power. We have two solar plants with 540 solar panels that produce 475 700kwh per year – we use about 374 000kwh saving roughly 125 000kgs of CO2 emissions. Our broader strategy includes further reducing our energy consumption with efforts in place that includes energy efficient appliances and LED lights. Water conservation is important to us as our filtered and purified ‘tap’ water originates from the river. Drinking water in only glass bottles (no single use plastic) comes from a Reverse Osmosis Filtration System making it as purified and as good as any bottled water. We use grey water to irrigate the vegetation that surrounds the properties. In our construction and décor, we have opted for natural materials where possible, such as boulders and wood from the surrounding bush. We only using locally sourced wood from our own land for fires. We place a priority on eco-friendly products, recycling and even manage our food waste in partnership with a pig farmer in the surrounding area. Of course, all our food is locally produced and sourced where possible, and we adopt a seasonal approach when creating our menu. Our dedicated conservation and sustainability manager, Shane Kloeck, is at the helm of our sustainability initiatives. With his guidance, we continue to explore new and creative ways to reduce our environmental footprint even more. All our data is captured on Weeva, a 360° sustainability management platform. Shane also enjoys being a sustainability educator, and loves sharing with you how to reduce your own footprint back home. A small drop in the ocean with a big ripple effect… Conservation and community... Increasing our impact is our owner established Morukuru Goodwill Foundation, whereby our efforts benefit not only the environment but also the surrounding communities. Established in 2007, it supports two focus areas in the Madikwe Game Reserve: conservation and community. We work closely with the Parks Board and are involved in various wildlife research projects. We also assist with resources and staff in anti-poaching and relocation operations. You can read more about our lion conservation efforts here. You can join our Safari with a Purpose initiative which takes the wildlife experience to another level, offering you the opportunity to participate in conservation work in the field. On this three-day package activities may include elephant, lion and cheetah collaring, rhino notching or chipping and on occasion, when animals are wounded, you could witness lifesaving procedures performed by our vets. You will also learn from our experienced conservationists who work across various disciplines. These immersive experiences contribute to wildlife preservation whilst giving you the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding and connection to the animals encountered. Safari with a Purpose also has an important community upliftment element to it. We support the residents of the nearby Molatedi Village in various ways, which you can learn more about. You will visit the local primary school where you can chat with the teachers and children and see how the school operates – with limited resources but abundant passion! It’s a moving experience and we are always grateful when our guests further offer their expertise or alternative supplies – in the past, one guest in the seed industry donated vegetable seeds for the school garden and another, a dentist, taught the children about dental hygiene. We are members of Pack for a Purpose, an initiative giving you the opportunity to bring much-needed supplies, like schoolbooks and stationery, from home to support our community school and crèche projects in the reserve. Over the years, your generosity has brought much joy to local children and their families and allowed us to expand into more upliftment initiatives. Thank you! If meaningful tourism and making a difference are your reasons for travelling, stay with us in the Madikwe Game Reserve for a life-changing experience.