Our Family Rules – fun activities for the whole family at Morukuru Ocean House

I’m sure you’ve walked into someone’s house and seen one of those posters proudly displaying the Family Rules. This is a cute way to publicly state what’s important to your family and probably more important, it’s a great way to remind everyone what your family values are. At Mourkuru Ocean House and Morukuru Beach Lodge, we also have rules...well only one rule really...all guests must relax, recharge and reconnect. Luckily that’s pretty easy as both our properties are superb getaways with loads of on-site activities for the entire family - from toddlers to Grandparents - and everyone in between (even that moody teenager or cranky aunt).

 Your hosts Calvin and Cheré and their professional team are experienced in working with groups of different ages; levels of ability and agendas and will be able to recommend how to spend your days.

The best thing is that Morukuru Family doesn’t have a set schedule and your day is dictated by nothing except your personal preferences which means you and your group are in charge. Call a family meeting; have a group pow-wow or organise a team meeting and start planning what you want to do.

We think some serious consideration should be given to exploring the De Hoop Nature reserve which surrounds Morukuru Ocean House and Morukuru Beach Lodge. Rambling or biking are both options and you can either go it alone or with one of our experienced guides. If mountain biking, our trained staff can guide you along different routes in order to explore the area around our properties and the greater reserve. By the way ... bikes and equipment are provided.

 Spend 1 - 3 hours enjoying a guided fynbos hike or walk which can be adjusted to suit the strength of each member of your party. During your hike you will get an introduction to the diversity and beauty of the indigenous vegetation found in De Hoop Nature Reserve including over 1500 species of fynbos.

 A fynbos expedition is also a brilliant opportunity to get in some bird watching as the reserve is home to over 260 species including the endangered African Black Oystercatcher as well as a colony of rare and threatened Cape Vultures. Other species to check off your birding list are the Hottentot Button Quail; Cape Spurfowl and the Agulhas Long-Billed Lark.

A ranger-lead marine walk is a great activity suitable for the whole family. Head down to the beach and uncover the local marine life in and around the rockpools. If you and your gang are lucky you might spota variety of sea-creatures including hermit crabs, starfish, octopuses,mussels, sea cucumber and sea & sand anemone. Take this to the next level with a snorkelingadventure in the protected rock pools. (Don’t worry about packing any equipment … we have it all)

Whale-watching season offers world-renown opportunities to spot Southern Right whales and dolphins. Head for the sand dunes for great views over the Indian Ocean and see if you can catch daily displays of raw power and elegant water acrobatics. If the whales are active in the water there could be plenty of commotion as the whales breach, blow and lobtail or Spy Hop - which means it lifts its head and body vertically, as far as the flippers, above the surface.

 Add wildlife spotting to the agenda with a  4 x 4 nature drive. These drives allow you to get deeper into the De Hoop Nature Reserve and look out for rare animals like Bontebok and Cape Mountain Zebra and spot other animals like Eland, the Cape clawless otter, baboons, rock dassies and the occasional rooikat (caracal) and elusive Cape Leopard.

I guess our Family Rules need to be updated and should now read: At Morukuru we relax, recharge, reconnect, walk, ramble; mountain bike, bird-watch; hike, marine-safari, whale-watch, wild-life spot and nature-drive.