Travel Trends 2023 – Let’s go!

It’s a new year, and we are excited to see what 2023 holds for our guests, staff, and suppliers. Everyone has predictions for this year, but without the secret superpower of prophecy, who really knows? We’ve been throwing some ideas around and doing our research, and we have uncovered what we believe will be some of  the Travel Trends for 2023. 2022 was officially the year that the world opened back up. After nearly two years of being kept at home, we were thrilled to embrace a much-needed return to travel and “business as normal”. We hope travellers will build on 2022 and decide to make 2023 another year of deep experiences and lasting positive impact on the places and people they visit. Here are some of the top travel predictions to inspire your wanderlust in 2023

Off-Grid Traveloff-grid experiences are one of the top trends for 2023. Many travellers are ready to disconnect from their devices' constant distractions and return to nature. Off-grid travel is a way to avoid crowds, embrace a digital detox and rekindle connections with the environment and ourselves. Both Morukuru Family De Hoop and Morukuru Madikwe are off-the-grid!

Culture Experiences- More travellers than ever are ready to experience new cultures and experiences on their 2023 travels. Travellers want to get ‘out of their comfort zone’, enjoy destinations with completely different cultural experiences and languages to their home country, and visit lesser-known places off the beaten track.

Nostalgic Travel - travellers are interested in family reunions and multi-generational trips, which is no surprise given the desire to spend time with family after many were kept apart for so long. This mode of travel means gathering your nearest and dearest and embracing the simple pleasures of a good old-fashioned holiday and make lifelong memories!


Bucket List Trips - travellers are enthusiastic about fulfilling their Bucket List trips in 2023. Many people have realised that life is too short to put off those dream destinations for “someday” and are ready to make their travel dreams a reality now. From splurging to budget-savvy options - travel Bucket Lists are here to stay with travellers are increasingly inclined to seek out once-in-a-lifetime experiences and create memories. We can’t wait to make some of these bucket list experiences come true!

  Travelling Light - A combination of customers becoming more conscious of their carbon footprint and the rising cost of checked-in luggage means suitcases are being slimmed down. Many hotels and resorts offer bulky items for hire, so you don’t have to pack every piece of sports equipment.  At Morukuru Family De Hoop we have everything guests will need to enjoy the great outdoors such as reef shoes, gumboots, beach equipment and more!  Travellers are also now more willing to buy essentials from local destinations, supporting and engaging with the community in the process.   

The Rise of Solo Travel - More and more travellers are taking off on their own to explore destinations around the world. According to a Google survey of female travellers, 46% said that the feeling of freedom and independence drives their decision to travel alone. Another 22% said they don’t want to wait around for other people, while 15% of respondents claim that solo travel is a way to challenge themselves and gain confidence. The majority of solo travellers tend to be women over 55, who are financially independent. Millennials and Gen Z’s are adapting to the flexibility of a remote work culture. Nothing can hold back these travellers.

Embracing the Off Season - destinations are predicting a shift in traditional travel seasons. Work-from-anywhere policies can be credited for part of the shift. We know that guests can have wonderful game viewing on safari all year round. Peak season, off-season and shoulder season are blurring. It’s clear that there is no time like the present to take a trip and the travel industry is responding by offering experiences all year round.

Traveling to Gather – Post Covid travel is seeing the rise of people travelling the world in small groups - groups of women, groups of men. Groups of couples or groups of friends who have similar interests, groups of families, likeminded people who share a particular passion. People are traveling together more and more.. With exclusive-use and villa offerings,  it's never been easier or more fabulous to gather together, and travel the world over.

The Great Outdoors - 2023 is set to be the year that travellers rediscover the benefits and joy of nature. It is known that spending time outdoors makes you less stressed and happier and there is a shift to moving off electronics (at least for part of a trip). This category blurs with “adventure travel “where travellers take part in exciting outdoor activities. Some of the most popular activities for adventure travellers include surfing; trail running; mountain biking and hiking in and around natural attractions.