Celebrating the Women of Morukuru meet Host Julia Bartman

Meet Julia Bartman. Our intrepid host at Morukuru Family Ocean House and Morukuru Beach Lodge. She explains why Women’s Day is an opportunity to reflect on progress made on gender equity and to remember women who have broken down social barriers.

What does Women’s Day/Month mean to you?  It’s easy to forget that long ago, women had no rights and were not seen as equals. I qualified as a field guide in 2018. It wasn’t that many years ago that field guiding was not an option for women. That goes for many other professions that we take for granted today. To me, women’s day is a celebration of those women who stood up and opened doors for the rest of us.

Morukuru Family de Hoop is famous for its outstanding service levels - what does it mean to you to be part of a winning team? The operative word is “team”. It's an honour to work at Morukuru Family. The management and teams work together to produce outstanding service. We are a family.

Your job is to make holiday experiences the absolute best for guests. If you could be a guest for a day - which activity would you choose to do?  I’m passionate about nature and would go on a marine walk, nature walk, nature drive and try my hand at sandboarding.

Where there is a woman, there is magic. How do you “bring the magic”? Morukuru is a magical place, and I guess I’m just one of the Morukuru fairies that make sure the magic dust is sprinkled where needed.

What’s the nicest thing a guest ever said to you? “I can’t wait to come back.”  When you hear that from a guest, you know they were well taken care of.

What’s the best advice another woman gave you?  Never allow a man make you think you are less for being a woman.

Tell us about three women you admire and why?  My Ouma Alta has taught me that even through adversity, you can keep your sense of humour.  My Gran Barbara has taught me that it doesn’t matter what work you do, be it physical or mental, you can still be a lady. Finally, my mom, Caroline, has taught me that I’m stronger than I think.