Meet the Women of Morukuru Family- Masego & Suty chat to us.

It is August - which means we celebrate National Women’s Day on the 9th of August! Our celebrations are not limited to just one day - we are toasting all the Women of Morukuru all month long.

Meet Masego Thebyane, who is part of our behind-the-scenes scullery team at Morukuru Family  Madikwe.

Who is the hero in your life or a woman you admire most?   God and my mom

Where there is a woman, there is magic. What’s your magic talent?   I treat other women as friends and respect and honour them.

Morukuru Family is set in an amazing natural environment - do you have a favourite animal? Yes, Springbok

Being part of the Morukuru Family kitchen team can be pressurised - but it is also fun. So how do you bring the fun every day?  I ask God to guide me, and I joke with my co-workers.

Is Women’s Day important to you? Yes, especially as it is a day to celebrate those who  brought us into this world.

Suty Mogorosi works alongside Masego - we also sat down with her in between service to chat to her about what Women's Month means to her.

What does Women’s Day mean to you?  It means celebrating the achievements of women in the world. An occasion where you show women how much their existence means. Acknowledging and honouring (Imbokodo) women worldwide for our contribution each day to society. Wa thint’abafazi Wa thint’imbokodo

When you were growing up - which women did you look up to?  My grandma. She was a very hardworking woman and always did her best to provide for her children and grandchildren. She also gave me much guidance and shared her wisdom. I have learned to be strong and hardworking from her life experience.

Tell us about the favourite recipe that you learnt from your mum.  That has to be Umngqusho, which is samp and beans. In a three-leg (potjie pot) pot, she boils samp together with beans until soft, then adds beef stock cubes, brown onion soup, Cremora and oil. She likes preparing this for the whole family, especially on cold rainy days.

How long have you worked at Morukuru Family Madikwe?  I’ve been here for seven years.

What three new skills have you learned since joining the lodge?  Teamwork, flexibility, and multitasking

What’s your favourite time of day and why?  Late afternoon around 17:00-19:00, when the sun is setting. The weather is nice and. cool, a great time to do my house chores and during this time when I am at home, I get to bond with my son.

Morukuru Family is set in an amazing natural environment -  which animal in the reserve is your favourite?  The Impala