Farewell and RIP Admire Brown

Our entire Morukuru Family is mourning the tragic passing of Admire Brown, friend and colleague who has been part of the Morukuru Family for 10 years. Born in Zimbabwe, he joined the team in Madikwe as a sculler and then into the maintenance department on a temporary basis and never left! In 2014 he moved to De Hoop to be a part of the original team that started Morukuru Ocean House. He moved quickly up the ranks to butler and then more recently to a ranger/marine guide. And what a guide he was – guests loved their Marine Walks with him. He was passionate, knowledgeable and patient, always full of fun and giving 100% of himself at all times. Young and old were drawn to him. He was loved by guests and staff alike. This is what some of our team had to say about him:   “Tuesday night our Morukuru Family lost a legend. He was handy and hands on and could assist wherever needed and someone with the potential to become a lodge manager one day. A person that gave our Morukuru Family colour and juice, making the difference for our guests. Outspoken in his looks – always with funky dreadlocks – and charming in his manner. Some people say it not about the amount of years of your life, but about the life you put in your years. We are sure that Admire did that to the fullest. We can still hardly believe this all really happened and that we won’t see his naughty smiles anymore. We hope his soul rests in peace and we wish all who loved him the strength to cope with this devasting loss.” - Ed & Anka (Owners)   “Some people you meet are hard to forget and will be remembered forever. Service and attention to detail was one of his strong points and nothing would escape his watchful eyes. But his ever present big naughty smile will be remembered most of all. We have lost a wonderful person, gone way too soon.” – Rinse (Marketing Manager)   “Rest in peace Admire. Morukuru has lost a legend!” – Nadia (Chef)   “Never without a smile and that big booming voice. Go well dear Admire” – April (Reservations Manager)   “A legend indeed. I only knew him for a few months but I saw a brother and a friend. RIP Admire” – Doreen (Housekeeper/Sculler)   “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is a success.” from the little time we had the privilege to get to know Admire, this is what we learnt from him. You will be missed ! Lynette & Mauritz (General Manager)   “As we grieve the loss of our beloved friend, our spirits must rejoice in what he has left behind. We must rejoice at all the memories that will be with us forever. Grief is not a sign of weakness but rather a sign of love for what we lost” – Ellliot (Ass. General Manager)   Farewell Admire, you will never be forgotten and you will be forever missed by your Morukuru Family