Hello Autumn My Old Friend – 10 Reasons We Love Autumn

1. The Wonders of Nature: Our backyard is 34 000 hectares of Fynbos, and the seasonal change highlights the diversity and beauty of the indigenous vegetation found in De Hoop Nature Reserve. During Autumn, the proteas come into bud, preparing to flower. Proteas are long-lasting and eye-catching, and from winter to spring, they are in full bloom. Enjoy this sensory feast in the wild or inside the lodge - we love using these in our arrangements.     2. Nature's spoils: The mountain anise buchu (Rutaceae) puts on a show. Autumn means lots of tiny white flowers, which gradually turn mauve and lilac as winter closes in, creating breathtaking naturescapes.     3. And while we're on nature… Animals, animals and more animals. Bontebok, Cape Mountain Zebra and Eland move to the plains and become more concentrated. This migration is for many reasons - It is warmer on the low-lying plains than on the higher grounds, and there is more food to eat. The plains offer different vegetation - especially fallen leaves, which present better nutrition. We also see more animals collecting around the vlei; this is because they find a constant source of water.   4. Embracing the autumn chill: Morukuru Family De Hoop has plenty of eco-friendly, wood-burning fireplaces. From the start of the change in season, we burn the fireplaces in the evenings, and dining outside is still pleasant, but a blanket is needed to keep you comfortable. We love the colours, the rain, the sunshine, the chill, the warmth, getting cold and growing cosy.     5: We get to indulge in comfort food: Our menu starts to change to include more hearty dishes. Stay warm with a South African classic soup- creamy butternut or try our specialty - inspired by our founders from the Netherlands - Dutch Vissoep (fish soup.) Enjoy rib-sticking desserts like Malva pudding with crème Anglaise or our toffee apple crumble.   6: The snugness of being inside: Our guests congregate around the fires after dinner for social chats late into the night and board games become very popular. Now’s the season to show off your Scrabble or Monopoly skills.   7: The Weather: Autumn and Winter in the Southern Cape are not too brutal. Coastal winters see the mercury dropping to a mild 7º C at night and rising to a comfortable 18º C by day. We enjoy the cool and wet Autumn, which is followed by a relatively short winter.   8: Hiking and walking: The Autumn rains of June August needn’t put off hikers and walkers: in between the rain-bearing cold fronts, there are extended periods of mild and sunny weather, making autumn one of the best times of the year to enjoy the outdoors.   9: Storm Chasing:I don't just wish you rain, Beloved - I wish you the beauty of storms. (John Geddes). More stormy weather – rain & wind. The wind starts to blow from the east, and Bergwinds begin moving hot air from upcountry down to us. This is a sign that there is cold, wet weather on its way. We love the change in atmosphere as the light becomes moodier, meaning lots of photography opportunities.   9. Watching the season change:  General Manager,Trevor van Laun says: “I love the changing seasons and I would never want to live somewhere hot all the year-round."   10. Appreciating your surroundings: The surrounding farms are a beautiful backdrop – sheep start to give birth so lots of cute lambs. They also get sheared, so they go from being a dusty brown colour to white. The dry fields are being ploughed so that canola can be planted, which turns the fields green and seemingly overnight, and they switch to a carpet of yellow.