It’s World Tourism Day – Let’s Restart Travel

World Tourism Day is commemorated each year on 27th September, with celebrations led by UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organisation). This year things are very different. In response to the pandemic UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, has said that It is imperative that we rebuild the tourism sector.  South Africa is ready and committed to showcasing our unique destination to the rest of the world as are we at Morukuru De Hoop!   Let us take you on a trip to some of our most favourite locations in the De Hoop Nature Reserve.

Morukuru Ocean House and Morukuru Lodge are set within 34000 hectares of Fynbos, beaches, dunes, vlei wetlands and the Potberg Mountains. 

If you are looking for the perfect picnic site, Tierhoek (Tiger’s Corner) is where you need to be. This area is located on the Western side of the reserve and got its name from a Cape Mountain Leopard which is often seen in a nearby cave. You descend along a Milkwood lined path, with intense green moss covering the rocky walkway – reminiscent of a fairy tale adventure. The pathway takes a gentle turn to the left and meets an unexpected open verdant space. Look behind to the cliffs forming a dramatic backdrop, and in front, there’s a vista of the vlei (wetlands). Adventurous types can climb up to the cave, and photographers can focus their lens on every rock, tree and landscape.

The reserve is home to over 260 bird species, including the endangered African Black Oystercatcher as well as a colony of rare and threatened Cape Vultures. Amateur Ornithologists choose the Vlei Look Out for world-class bird-watching. Here you can hear the call of the fish eagle while you watch a flock (flamboyance) of flamingos cross the vlei. Focus your binoculars on pelicans and gannets chatting with each other and observe the seagulls. Keep your eyes peeled, and you might see a lone male bontebok drinking from the vlei. With the dunes separating the vlei from the Indian Ocean this is a highly recommended sundowner spot. Cocktail anyone?

Keen on a marine safari? Then head to Hippo Pools which has the reputation of being the perfect beach spot at De Hoop. If anyone’s confused - there are no hippos on the reserve, but this is the place to make like a hippo and loll around on the beach and in the ocean. Take in the beautiful beach and explore the rockpools for fantastic sea life sightings. We think of Hippo Pools as our very own open-air aquarium where you are likely to meet a variety of sea-creatures including hermit crabs, starfish, octopuses, mussels, sea cucumber and sea & sand anemone. There is a dassie colony that lives in the area, and they always entertaining for the little ones.

If affairs of the heart are on your mind, the Dunes scream romance, romance, romance! So much more than drifts of sand; the Dunes are a popular place to pop the question, great for some exhilarating sandboarding and ideal for contemplative beach-walks. Escape the world and head to the Dunes.

We travel for reasons too many to count. We travel to experience the world, to discover new cuisine, to meet different nationalities and enrich our lives with cultural diversity. We travel for business, pleasure, family get-togethers and everything in between. Wamkelekile! We are ready to welcome you.