Shake Hands with a Lioness

Visiting Morukuru Family gives guests the chance to experience a safari experience like no other - brilliant wildlife sightings, incomparable birdwatching, fiery African sunsets, luxury exclusive-use accommodation and fabulous food. Some like to take it to the next level by getting involved in aspects of conservation supported by our Safari with a Purpose initiative.   Under the auspices of the Morukuru Goodwill Foundation ( MGWF), guests have the opportunity tosupport a team of conservation professionals, get up close to endangered animals as well as the chance to learn and develop new skills. MGFW is specifically interested in rhino conservation but also assists with various other wildlife efforts such as elephant collaring, cheetah collaring, lion collaring/contraception and rhino notching/chipping. MGWF has been proudly supporting Rob Harrison-White from the Predator Research Project in Madikwe for the past 10 years.  Harrison-White has been running a lion management programme in Madikwe, making sure there is an optimum balance between predators and plains game. In September, he was carrying out a contraception programme for female lion and led an expert team consisting of various veterinary professionals and allowed us and some guests to be part of the expedition. During the process, the lioness was safely sedated, and the contraceptive injection was administered. This prophylactic will prevent unwanted cubs for up to a year and will assist in maintaining a healthy lion population in the Madikwe.

Guests who joined the team for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, admitted to being somewhat apprehensive, but the thrill of the experience erased doubts. They told us that having the chance to get so close to one of Africa’s majestic cats and actually being able to touch her and feel the weight of the paw was an unbelievable encounter. “We had seen similar expeditions on TV and read about them - but being part of this specialist veterinary procedure and getting first-hand conservation experience is indescribable. MGWF is doing exceptional work in facilitating these hands-on activities for guests, and we feel so lucky to have been able to participate.” Don’t regret the chances you didn’t take! Embrace adventure and sign up for a safari with a purpose. You will get to understand the extreme effort that goes into animal conservation and how much planning goes on behind the scenes to protect our environment.