Meet Tumi Segwane our Magic Maker in the Morukuru Family Madikwe Gardens

From humble roots in Johannesburg's Mohlekeng township to tending the gardens of Morukuru Family Madikwe, Tumi's journey is a testament to the transformative power of nature and his passion for all things green. Let’s get to know Tumi and find out more about his family, his role and his secret to a bountiful vegetable garden.

‘My parents were originally from the North West Province. Their village is called Supingstad, and it is close to Zeerust. They moved to Johannesburg because of better job opportunities.  While growing up, we always had a garden, and being an only child tending to the garden was my responsibility. I always had to make sure it was neat and tidy. My passion for gardening comes from my involvement from an early age. I find it rewarding to see my handiwork literally come to life. I enjoy seeing my plants grow and develop and the seasonal changes. Since arriving in August last year, I have lived through Spring, Summer, and Autumn, and I’m excited to spend my first winter here at Morukuru Family. Now the lush greens of spring and summer start to fade, and copper and bronze leaves replace the green.

Over the past year, I have got to appreciate beautiful grounds - all the different Houses surrounded by lush lawns, established trees and beautiful plants. Farm House is my favourite.”

Morukuru Family is home to some pretty powerful plant species. The climate of the Madikwe region plays a significant role in Madikwe’s rich flora, and some species found at Morukuru Family can be used in traditional medicine. Tumi explains;

We have some Aloe Vera growing in our gardens. Aloe Vera can be used as a skin treatment. Studies have shown that Aloe Gel might effectively treat Psoriasis, Seborrhea, Dandruff, minor burns, skin abrasions, and radiation-induced skin injuries”.

Tumi is keen on producing home-grown vegetables and told us that because he is a dedicated composter, the soil is rich in nutrients. This means he can grow a variety of crops all year round - and green vegetables do exceptionally well. When Tumi is not tending his veggies or the Morukuru Family gardens, he takes any opportunity to visit his family and friends and to check in on his livestock.

I miss my family, but the upside is that working at Morukuru Family has given me a chance to grow. Here I am given responsibility for a variety of different tasks. Each job means that I’m learning. The owners and management provide encouragement and tools to reach my goals. Morukuru Family has created an environment where I feel comfortable, and I really enjoy working in a customer service focussed environment.