Meet Maintenance Manager –  Pieter Maree

Maintenance Manager Pieter Maree joined our Morukuru Family just over four months ago and has been weaving his magic ever since. But there's more to Pieter than meets the eye. Beyond his professional prowess with power tools, he is a devoted family man, cherishing his role as a loving husband and father. When he's not meticulously attending to our maintenance needs, Pieter pursues his passions for fishing, cycling, and golf.

I’m the eldest of five, and I grew up on a farm just outside of Bloemfontein in the Freestate. As the saying goes - you can take the guy out of the Freestate, but you can never take the Vrystater out of the guy. That’s why you will always find me in shorts - typical of a Freestate native”

Pieter has a philosophy that every day is a new opportunity and should not be taken for granted. He told us, “Every day here at Morukuru De Hoop is different. However, the way I approach each new day is the same. Planning is very important; I like being prepared for a productive day.  I am an early bird. I enjoy watching the sunrise with a big cup of coffee - this daily ritual gives me a good perspective on life”.

Having worked in Zanzibar for five years, Pieter has had the opportunity to live and work in a swoon-worthy environment. “ Zanzibar is beautiful, and I didn’t think anything could trump that. But here at De Hoop, the location is next level - and I get to do my work in harmony with our team and the animals found in the Reserve. I’m lucky to get the chance to meet guests from all over the world and South Africa too, and I feel privileged to be able to recommend everything available here - dune surfing, nature walks, whale watching and special events such as the turtle release and beach cleanups.”

Pieter’s Zanzibar experience exposed him to a culture that is very aware of the environment, especially the dangers of plastic bags. “ In Zanzibar, it is illegal to have any plastic bags. When we do our routine beach clean-ups, I am always shocked by the amount of single-use plastic waste. Reduce and recycle is a motto I learned to incorporate into my daily living. I believe everyone is responsible for reducing their human footprint as much as possible. I recycle what I can. Morukuru Family is committed to the environment and sustainable practices. It is great working together for a shared goal.”


Managing people can be challenging, but Pieter says that he believes that leading any team is a privilege and working side-by-side is an honour. “ Morukuru Family has a strong ethos of teamwork. I respect that and enjoy working in a place that supports things like skills development and training. There is an opportunity to grow and to grow my team.”

Pieter caught the travel bug during his time in Zanzibar. “ Zanzibar was on my bucket list. Now that’s ticked off. New Zealand and the Netherlands are places I would love to explore. The distance between the Free State and Wellington, New Zealand, is approximately 11,505 kilometres if I was to travel in a straight line. Zanzibar is 3,300 kilometres, so I would be reaching a new PB ( personal best)! I think that is a great goal to aim for.”