Operation Beach Clean-Up

Sunday 5th June is World Environment Day. We celebrate our beautiful natural world every day at Morukuru Family, but this particular day means we are doubling down on our efforts to raise awareness and action to protect the environment.

Last weekend Morukuru Family De Hoop joined forces with our neighbours De Hoop Collection along with Cape Nature, Denel Air Force and Two Oceans Aquarium, staff and guests in a massive beach clean-up operation.  Many energetic hours were invested cleaning up the beaches, and the results are clear to see. What a difference!

Corné Lamprecht, one of our professional and experienced marine guides, worked alongside a gang of 45 beach warriors to collect 120 bags of debris.

Corné told us that he is thrilled that this initiative is ongoing and gets bigger and better each time. “The energy on the day was amazing, and this was an excellent experience. Many volunteers have already raised their hands to be first in line for the next event. I’m signed up to join our neighbours, friends and guests to keep this project going from strength to strength. We all have a responsibility to preserve our environment”.

Ed and Anka Zeeman owners of Morukuru spearheaded a beach cleanup last November, but the job is never done, and regular tidy ups are needed to maintain the unspoilt De Hoop beaches. “Morukuru Family is committed to making a difference to the environment, and The Morukuru Goodwill Foundation is determined to make a difference for the better wherever we can. This joint operation perfectly fitted our intention to protect and preserve our environment. It was a joy to see various stakeholders, guests and staff getting down to the business of picking up trash! We recognise the need for ongoing efforts, and we are planning another such event later this year”.

Liaan Jansen, one of our guests, rose to the challenge and signed up to join the clean-up. “As a nature lover, it is tragic to see how much rubbish is washed up onto the beaches. I jumped at the opportunity to get involved, and even though the day involved plenty of hard work - at the end of it - and the 11km’s walked - the sense of satisfaction was definitely worth it. The camaraderie and teamwork were great, and it was amazing to see how much could be accomplished with determination. I didn't expect to be picking up trash on my holiday, but this will be a fabulous memory and a lovely story to share with friends. We all have a role to play in protecting our natural environment, and I salute the Morukuru Family and everyone involved for making this a reality”.

The ocean takes care of us - so we are determined to do our best to return the favour.  We will keep you posted on our ongoing efforts to maintain and preserve the South Cape coastline.