Welcome Home Litchi

On the 6th October 2021 a weak turtle was found on the beach in front of Morukuru Beach Lodge. Cape Nature transported it to the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town where it received treatment.

Fast Forward to now - Litchi as she was fondly named by her team who cared for her is back home in De Hoop!

It’s taken Litchi 700 km to get back to De Hoop and it appears she truly does love being here. With her spending the last 300 km frolicking around in the bay of Skipskop.

The team have received 209 satellite transmissions from Litchi thus far and it seems her tag is going strong!  De Hoop is an incredibly valuable location for sea turtles in the Western Cape. "We are so grateful for the amazing humans along this coastline, from CapeNature, De Hoop Collection, Morukuru Family De Hoop to the SpillTech clean up team. We know that Litchi is not far away from some remarkable conservation hero's" said Two Oceans Aquarium representative.

We are delighted to have a played our part in her rescue and are even more delighted she is back home.