Travel is making a comeback – so make up for lost time and reunite with family and friends.

We hope 2022 is going to be an epic year for travel and we can’t wait to welcome you to Morukuru Family. We think this is a kind of vacation retaliation against COVID-19 and it’s a response that, psychologically, makes sense. “Stress … is defined classically as, ‘no way out,'” said clinical psychologist and travel writer Scott Haas. “We were afraid that the trap … was permanent. That’s how our mind works.” Once the metaphorical “trap is sprung,” Haas explained, and we discover we are free — from, say, a relationship or a global pandemic or another major stressor — “all that pent-up energy explodes.” The best revenge is planning your next trip. Let us ignite your wanderlust so that you can start crafting your holiday plans. We know ‘friendcations’ are on the rise. If the pandemic has shown us anything, it’s the importance of friendship and that real-life hugs are the secret to happiness. So, no surprise that 2022 is gearing up to be the year of grand in-person reunions. People are keen to travel in groups consisting of their extended family or close friends and their families. The pandemic has led to many of us working from home, swapping face-to-face meetings for Zoom call after Zoom call and, with hours spent on our laptops interacting in this strange remote world, there’s no wonder so many are suffering from digital burnout. We understand that travel is important for mental and physical health and that many need a holiday to help alleviate pandemic-related stress of burnout from work. Travelling with a group of people who are known to each other allows for in-person interactions and creates a safety bubble. This means Multigenerational travel will be a popular option for families and friends who want to reconnect whilst on holiday. Travelling together as a group, made up of mixed ages and extended family can be challenging but heaps of fun too. Remember different age groups will have different objectives and you need to look at those. Some will be looking to explore new places, others might be seeking cultural experiences or adventure. It is important to get the balance right between everyone’s needs. And don’t forget about rest and relaxation! Start your planning by discussing as a group what your destination will be. Get everyone involved and listen to the different motivations. Booking an exclusive-use property is a great start as everyone gets their own space and privacy which is perfect for individual expectations, routines and social distancing. Morukuru Family pioneered the exclusive use concept in South Africa and there is no surprise this is extremely popular with groups. This option offers a dedicated general staff as well as specialised personnel like a private chef, knowledgeable rangers and even a butler. All meals and drinks are inclusive and you can work with our chef to prepare food experiences tailor-made for your group. Sometimes children need menus to be tweaked for their preferences or perhaps one of the parties has specific nutrition requirements. All of this is taken care of. Morukuru Family is committed to a unique Freedom Concept - which means there are no set agendas when it comes to having fun and spending quality time with your immediate and extended family and friends. If there’s one thing we’ve all missed it is freedom because our daily liberties slowly suffocated under the pandemic’s tight clutch. The Morukuru Freedom Concept has been designed to offer guests total freedom with regards to the activities and the meals they prefer to enjoy, meaning guests can decide what they want to do, when they want, with no fixed time schedule. Each day is customised by you to satisfy the interests and abilities of the whole group. No one knows the future, of course. But plenty of signs are pointing to 2022 being the year of travel. We see 2022 shaping up to be a year for make-up vacations with guests already planning extensive bucket list trips. You have waited to get out and travel. Don't wait too long to make your holiday plans for the year.